Catalog production 5th 35AWARDS: BEST PHOTOS AND PHOTOGRAPHERS OF 2019

Photo on cover by Pavel Kun (prototype)
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Funds to create a directory successfully collected
Project Status:
Funds for the creation of the catalog have been successfully collected. We proceed to create a catalog. In the end of July we will prepare and publish the names of those whose photos are included in the catalog. We will keep you informed of all the news related to its release.

The amount requested in the project is intended to cover printing costs, publishing and design of the publication.
ProductCatalogue 5th 35AWAWRDS 2019
Circulation1000 pieces
Weight1800 g.
Pages512 pages
CoverMatt coated paper, 250g/m2
PaperPaper Hanno Art Bulk matte, 135g/m2
Content100 best photographers of the year and their photos, 100 best photos of the year, 40 best series works 5th 35AWAWRDS 2019. And since the work of other participants not included in the main list added on the basis of the best judgments of the jury, professional photographers and spectators. In total in the catalog the best works and authors from 18 different nominations will be presented.
Presumably in the catalog will be presented approximately 1500+ photos from 1000+ authors.

If your photo (5th 35AWARDS) already has the inscription "Selected for catalogue", then the photo has already been selected.

The list of authors included in this catalog
Dates and deadlines15.08.2020 - receiving funds
01.09.2020 - collection of material and the beginning of the layout of the catalog
12.09.2020 - completion of the layout of the catalog, prepress
14.09.2020 - sending the catalog into production
15.10.2020 - shipment of ready catalogs to our warehouse
15.10.2020 - sending an electronic version of the catalog to crowdfunding participants
19.10.2020 - packing catalogs and preparing for mailing letters to those who participated in crowdfunding.
! Due to the aggravation of the situation related to COVID-19, for reasons beyond our control, there may be changes in the dates of delivery.
The catalog has been delivered to our warehouse. Investors who have chosen the catalog as a reward will soon receive a letter to confirm the delivery address. Investors who choose the electronic version as a reward will be sent an email for download ~ October 23rd.
Those who wish to purchase a catalog will be able on the site, after sending the catalogs to crowdfunding participants.
* these are approximate catalog data, they can be corrected during the catalog layout process.

The best photos of the 5th 35AWARDS (2019) 5th from 21 nominations will be published in this catalog. This is about 1500 of the best photos from 418.8 thousand photos uploaded on 5th 35AWARDS from 173 countries. We started with the 100 best works of the year, but among such a number of works there are much more photographs worthy of attention. It is simply not possible to fit into the format of the album, and we decided to release a catalog with the results of the year, which will include the best works from the competition for the whole year. The first catalog was well received by the audience. At the request of the participants, we brought the catalog to the optimal size, and in the future we will adhere to the current parameters.
The 35AWARDS has been held for the fifth year in a row. In 2015, 36 thousand people took part in the competition, who uploaded 76 thousand photos, in 2016 more than 76 thousand people submitted more than 189 thousand photos, in 2017 more than 103 thousand people from 160 countries submitted over 257 to the competition thousand photos.

We want the catalog to become as annual as the award itself. It will feature the best works and photographers of the world for the year in various nominations. The best modern photographers, new trends in photography, new tools for taking pictures, for example, the growing popularity of photography from drones. Since, the audience, participants and jury are international, the best works of the award are the view of the whole world on the whole of the modern photography for the year.

* Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet.
* In the event that for the allotted time the necessary funds will not be collected in full, the catalog will be printed in a limited edition at the expense of the creators of the project and sent to all investors.
* If more funds are collected than is minimally necessary, the catalog will be printed in a large circulation, on a paper of the best quality.
* Terms of production can be changed due to the technological features of production and layout.
* Instead of sending by post of the Russian Federation, the parcel can be sent by Boxberry.

Reviews for the catalog 3rd 35AWARDS, 4th 35AWARDS:

Лостон Банда
Received the order within a few days after ordering. I featured in the catalogue and that\'s why I bought it. I am very impressed with the catalogue and I think every photography enthusiast should have a copy. However, I wish there was a short story written behind the picture or what\'s happening in the picture rather than putting boring captions like, \'A girl with a goose\' when we can actually see in the photograph that\'s it\'s a girl with a goose. Every photograph has a story behind it and it would be interesting knowing what that story is. I also wish the covers of the catalogue were hard and firm because these feel like they would year easily. Nevertheless, let me finish looking at the rest of the beautiful pictures in peace. Good luck. Получили заказ в течение нескольких дней после оформления заказа. Я фигурировал в каталоге и поэтому купил его. Я очень впечатлен каталогом, и я думаю, что у каждого энтузиаста фотографии должна быть копия. Тем не менее, я хотел бы, чтобы над картиной или тем, что происходит в картинке, был написан небольшой рассказ, вместо того, чтобы ставить скучные надписи типа «Девочка с гусем», когда мы можем реально увидеть на фотографии, что это девочка с гусем. У каждой фотографии есть история, и было бы интересно узнать, что это за история. Я также хотел бы, чтобы обложки каталога были твердыми, потому что они чувствуют лёгкими. Тем не менее, позвольте мне закончить смотреть на остальные красивые картины в покое. Удачи вам.
Martin Holan
all good. book is a beauty. delivery was ok,
Thanx for the beautyfull book. It is amazing !
Kristina Nazimova
thank you so much! Everything is good! Good luck
Renato Zanette
I met kind and attentive people who quickly resolved my mistake. The book arrived on time and in excellent condition the photos inside it are beautiful. I have to make a note, the format of some photos are too small to be able to appreciate them.
Sadecky Jozef
Good day, catalog 35 awards 2018 came in good condition. Thank you very much ! Sincerely Jozef Sádecký
Irina Novikova
Спасибо большое за каталог! Качество отличное, прислали очень оперативно, размер внушительный!
Vladimir Vidra
Hell, thank you for the great publication - 35 Awards 2017. Everything is all right and I I appreciate you 5 stars. Vladimir
Catalin Eremia
everything is superlative
Vakhtangi Janjgava
It is great
Mohammed Ibrahim
Perfect as described, beautifully arranged and high quality prints. delivered on time
Lukas Larys
Catalog delivered OK. It\'s a wonderful book, excellent quality. Thank you.
René Des Cormiers
This is an excellent book thanks a lot
Abdullah Hil Kafi
Well, I have gone through the whole Catalogue. The book is awesome. I personally like the print quality. and the curation. Specially the Black & white segment is my personal favourite. Hope to see better works in future. Abdullah Hil Kafi
Gonzalo Javier Santile
the book has great quality but being matt lacks brightness and clarity to many photographs, the size of the book could be something larger since it is visually close to a paperback
Moo Hwan Kim
It is so nice. Thanks
Olga Bell
I am absolutely satisfied with my order! It was received fast and well packaged! The quality of the catalogue is beautiful! Thank you so much! Kind Regards, Olga
Reşat Nuri Jens Kuleli
I am so happy that I have received my beautiful copy of 35 AWARDS, and I have placed it near my amazing photo books. I am so glad that, there are so many great stuff inside and there are so much pleasures inside to discover.
Takashi Nakazawa
It was not damaged at all because it was properly packed. Both paper quality and print quality are fine and wonderful. It is regrettable that it took many days until the catalog was completed and arrived. Other than that it is wonderful.
Shan Wang
I am very happy to receive the catalog. Basically I\'m satisfied with it, but depending on the angle, the printing ink reflects the light and the picture may not be clearly visible. By the way, I use soft LED lights at home. I hope this will be improved.

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Catalogue 5th 35AWARDS + catalogue 4th 35AWARDS, delivery worldwide (shipping included). Both catalogs will be sent to you within 4 weeks after the release of the 5th 35AWARDS catalog in one package. And we will also send you a PDF version of the catalog 3th 35AWARDS (2017) and 4th 35AWARDS (2018) which will be sent to you immediately after participation.

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