Annual photography award 9th 35AWARDS - 100 BEST PHOTOS OF THE YEAR
" It was such a great experience. My photo reached the 2nd stage, thanks to everyone who voted for me. The competition helped me understand how to improve my photos, thanks to comments that I received after submitting my work. I loved the warm and friendly atmosphere during the competition and I also enjoyed to see other photographers pictures, learned a lot and voted for them. Thank you, Yana R. "
USA, Los Angeles
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" In this competition, whether the award is important for you or not, at least you will be evaluated and you see the attitude of people all over the world about your feeling, about your photo and your frame, you see satisfaction and you get such a feedback which you can see nowhere except 35PHOTO. Hope you will take part in 35PHOTO soon :) "
Sajjad Shahi
Iran, Tehran

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