International photo contest 2016 - 100 BEST PHOTOS of the year


2015 year

1st annual international photo contest 35AWARDS



2016 year

2nd annual international photo contest 35AWARDS



2017 year

3rd annual international photo contest 35AWARDS

35AWARDS 2017


The community of professional photographers 35PHOTO holds second annual competition 35AWARDS, which has set itself a very ambitious goal: to select the best 100 photos in 2016 with hundreds of thousands of works submitted to the contest. The evaluation system photographs spectators, photographers, passed on Send moderation, and a professional jury will select the most deserving, fresh, artistic and original photos. Winners receive electronic certificates, and the best works fall into the album, published the results of the contest.

All photos are evaluated anonymously, so regalia, merit and famous photographers have absolutely no effect on the result. This is an excellent opportunity for novice photographers to express themselves and show the world its really decent photos. Also, this is the best opportunity for professionals once again confirmed its status quo. Impartial and multi-stage assessment will not miss the most interesting shots and look for the best among them, defining the 100 most deserving.

Last year 35AWARDS attracted more than 36,000 participants who have placed more than 80 thousand photographs. Professional community, numbering 8,000 photographers, as well as numerous site visitors and worthy members of the jury worked hard to find the best. We have created a balanced assessment system, which was selected through a hundred of the best works in six categories, all participants were in absolutely equal conditions.

This year we have decided to allocate 13 nominations, making competition even tougher and more precise selection. In addition, we offer a unique tool for professional photographers growth - the ability to monitor in real-time assessment of your photo site visitors (both audience and professionals), as well as the ability to edit photos posted to the contest. As a result, you definitely know the status of your work and see what it finds in response to a variety of audiences, and therefore can accurately determine in which direction should move on.

If you have photos that you think can be, do not doubt. Participate, share best works, watch the response of the audience and get new sources of inspiration. It's free, easy and very entertaining! 35AWARDS - the largest photo contest in Russia, which this year will be even more massive, fun and interesting. Let's all find 100 unique fotoshedevrov 2016, worthy of universal admiration!

Receiving photos

25 фев. 2017 - 26 фев. 2018




02 мар. 2018 - 31 мар. 2018



01 апр. 2018 - 01 май. 2018


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Will be informed about

You will always know the status of your work in the competition. You learn how to work for your vote are different categories of judges, from the audience to professionals.

During the competition you download photos from the time, before the announcement of the results will be informed of the status of their work, gain invaluable experience, enhance your professional skills, acquire new useful contacts.

You will see an objective assessment of your photos from the point of view of the jury, and from the point of view of ordinary viewers. Open impartial refereeing. Each participant is in the same position, anyone can be a winner.

Throughout the contest the authorship lies. Voting also anonymous.

Receiving photos

We will help you choose the right picture for the contest

It's not the amount of work and their quality. At the time of reception of works we have prepared a tool with which you will be able to better prepare for the time of the primary vote.

Upload photos right now and get an average rating of your photos from photographers from around the world within minutes.

Usually, sending the contest works you are relying on your own opinions of what photos to choose from. Photos sent to undergo months of waiting, the jury appraisal and silence. Let's see how you can come prepared at the time of the primary vote.

Now in their photographs you saw a few figures:
Number of comparisons - the number of times your picture compared with other photographs on ballot volunteer within your category (the more comparisons the more accurate indicators).
Percent - how often your chosen compared to other photographs (the higher the percentage the better the quality of your work)
The scale of the photo - key indicator which is to be guided. The closer the index to the blue end of the scale the better your chances for a successful participation in the award.

How to act? We show a simple example.

Load the two photos that you think should be involved. After a while, after a preliminary vote, you will see the figures. The most important indicator is the lower range, only pay attention to it. In some photos the slider closer to the blue part of the reserve and, the other is deleted. In the example above, we remove the second photo.

In place of a remote load another photo, and all over again. We reserve the best, the other is removed and a new load.

In this way you get two powerful photos that dignity will be able to compete with other photos. The more tests you do, the better. Similarly, should come with a lot of pictures.

We wish you a successful adjustment and win!

At the stage of acceptance of work will receive constructive criticism

Now, members can receive, for work added to the competition, constructive comments from trusted commenters.

You can change the photo during the entire time of reception.

35 members of the jury from 35 countries

Every year competition will attract 35 jury members from different countries. No more than one person from each. What will choose the winners of the most independent and objective.

Unique vote in 3 stages:


In random order, within the category, two photos are shown from which to choose.

Votes of all participants and spectators.

Picture has the maximum number of votes go to the second stage.


Voting 35PHOTO professional community (photographers passed moderation on site and confirm the high level). According to voting results photo community scored the maximum number of votes will be held in 3 stages.

Participants and spectators also voted as the first stage. A small number of pictures collected the maximum number of votes will also be able to pass to the next round and get on our analysis of the professional jury.


The final vote of 35 jury members from 35 countries. Jury randomly displayed photos, each photo is a jury member could put a rating from 1 to 5. After review and evaluation of all the photos in the category of member of the jury selects up to 5 works which it considers worthy to enter the 100 best photographs of the year!

All other participants in the same vote on the 5-point scale, and up to learn how much their opinion is similar with the opinion of the jury!

35 members of the jury could influence the vote on the first two stages. If the picture does not pass to the next stage, the jury members can voice their transfer photos to the next stage in the opinion of the audience and the professional community. Thus, the quality of the vote will be better, and non-standard and complex work get a chance.

In the first fotopremii number of participants amounted to 36 thousand people and 80 thousand works were submitted... This year, the number of activities and participants will be more, and to vote without objectivity combined voting system simply can not do.


Rating of photographers in your area

As a result of the award will be made rating photographers in your city. The rating will be based on the basis of one of your best photos that won most balls .

To compile the rating must be at least 15 participants from your city

All participants receive a certificate of participation with results

According to the results

According to the results of the photo contest will be revealed that 100 of the best works will be included in the annual photo album. And also organized a photo exhibition in Moscow which will be awarded the winners and anyone will be able to see the best of the year.

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