Receiving photos

35AWARDS is a major international award established in 2015 by the creators of the professional photography community 35photo.pro. The first award saw the participation of 36,000 people from 110 countries. The seventh had more than 124,000 participants from 174 countries, with over 470,000 photographs submitted for competition.

The award places special emphasis on a three-stage voting system, where selection criteria are tightened at each stage. Thanks to this system, we are able to process a vast number of submitted works. We are continuously improving to make the voting process increasingly objective.

The award's objective includes finding the 100 best works of the year in various categories. And since 2017, identifying the 100 best photographers of the year based on their three best works.

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Receiving photos and vote ...

35AWARDS 2024

All photographs are assessed anonymously, so the credentials, merits, and fame of the photographers do not influence the results at all. This is a fantastic opportunity for budding photographers to make a name for themselves and showcase their truly worthy works to the world. It's also the best chance for professionals to reaffirm their status quo once again. Unbiased and multi-stage assessment will ensure that the most interesting shots are not missed and the best among them are found, identifying the 100 most deserving.

If you have photographs that you believe are worthy, do not hesitate. Participate, share your best works, observe the audience's response, and gain new sources of inspiration.

Limited edition

Stay Informed

You will always be aware of the status of your work in the award process. You will learn how professionals and ordinary viewers are voting for your works.

Throughout the award process, from the moment of uploading a photo to the announcement of the results, you will be aware of the status of your works, gain invaluable experience, enhance your professional level, and make new useful acquaintances.

See an objective assessment of your photographs from both the professional jury and ordinary viewers' perspectives. Open, impartial judgment. Each participant is in an equal position; anyone can become a winner.

Throughout the award duration, authorship is concealed. Voting is also anonymous.

Receiving photos

We will help you choose the right photos for the competition

The quality of the works, not the quantity, is important. For the submission period, we have prepared a tool with which you can better prepare for the main voting moment.

Upload your photos right now and receive an average rating of your photo from photographers around the world within a few minutes.

Typically, when submitting works to a contest, you rely on your own opinion on which photos to choose. The photos are sent, months of waiting, jury evaluation, and silence follow. Let's look at how you can approach prepared for the moment of the main voting.

Now on your photographs, you will see several numbers:
Number of Comparisons - how many times your photo has been compared with other photos during voluntary voting within your nomination (the more comparisons, the more accurate the indicators will be).
Percentage - how often your photo was chosen compared to other photos (the higher the percentage, the better the quality of your work)
The scale under the photo is a key indicator to focus on. The closer the marker is to the blue part of the scale, the higher your chances for successful participation in the award.

How to act? Let's show it with a simple example.

Upload two photos that you believe should participate. After some time, following the preliminary voting, you will see the indicators. The most important indicator is the lower scale; pay attention only to it. Keep the photo whose slider is closer to the blue part, and delete the other. In the example above, delete the second photo.

Upload another photo in place of the deleted one, and repeat the process. Keep the best one, delete the other, and upload a new one.

By doing this, you will obtain two strong photos that can worthily compete with other photos. The more checks you make, the better. The same approach should be used with a larger number of photos.

We wish you successful adjustments and victory!

You can change your photos throughout the entire submission period

50 members of the jury
from 50 countries

Each year, the photo award attracts 50 jury members from different countries, with no more than one person from each country. This ensures that the selection of winners is as independent and objective as possible.

Unique three-stage voting system.:

In random order, within the nomination, two photos are shown, and participants must choose one.
All participants and viewers vote.
The works that receive the most votes move on to the second stage.
Voting by the professional community of 35PHOTO takes place (photographers who have passed moderation on the 35photo.pro site and have confirmed their high level). Based on the community voting results, photos with the most votes will proceed to the third stage.
Participants and viewers vote as in the first stage. A small number of works that receive the maximum number of votes will also be able to proceed to the next stage and be reviewed by our professional jury.
The final voting involves 50 jury members from 50 countries. Photos are shown to the jury in random order, and each jury member can rate each photo from 1 to 5. After viewing and rating all the photos in the nomination, a jury member selects up to 15 works that, in their opinion, deserve to be in the 100 best photo works of the year!
All other participants also vote on a 5-point system, and in the end, find out how much their opinion matches the jury's opinion!

50 jury members can influence the voting process in the first two stages. If, according to viewers and the professional community, a photograph does not pass to the next stage, jury members can transfer the photo to the next stage with their vote. In this way, the quality of the voting will improve, and unconventional and complex works will get a chance.

In the first photo award, the number of participants was 36 thousand people, and 80 thousand works were submitted. This year, the number of works and participants will be greater, and for the objectivity of voting, a combined voting system is simply indispensable.


Photographer Ranking in Your City

Based on the award results, a ranking of photographers in your city will be compiled. The ranking will be based on your three best photographs that have scored the most points.


To compile the ranking, at least 15 participants from your city are required.

All participants will receive a personalized participation certificate with their results

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