Waterfalls 2021

Uploading photos: 30.11.21 - 02.02.22
the contest will start in:
2 days
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Waterfalls are beautiful subjects for shooting, and it is interesting to shoot them for any photographer. This interest is due to the complexity of the lighting and the interesting dynamics of the water. A moving subject is attractive to a photographer because it makes a photo vivid and dynamic. The smoothness of the water against the backdrop of the hard, sharp edges of stones or greenery surrounding it can create very pleasing compositions. Photos are accepted for the competition where the main object of the frame is a waterfall.


Increase the limit to the load for the main contest 35AWARDS. Extensive coverage of the winner photos, as well as 10 of the best photos of the competition.


The voices of the audience are accepted during the period of acceptance of work and 20 days after completion.


  • photo - 1500 pixels on the longest side
  • Genre photo - Landscape
  • photo should be no copyright marks, add borders, etc.
  • entry fee - free
Not accepted:
  • Similar images (similar combination of objects, crop, different angle of shooting or change of tone of a photo) **
* A photo that has won in other 35AWARDS contests can not enter the best photos of this contest. Only one photo of the author can enter the number of the best photos of this competition.
** Images that do not match can be removed from the competition.
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