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9th 35AWARDS

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Food photography: Chocolate

Voting (2): 3 hours
Voting stage 2 ...

Empty city streets

Voting (2): 3 days
Voting stage 2 ...

Mobile photo: Movement

Voting: 3 hours
Voting ...

Wild animals with offspring

Voting: 4 days
Voting ...

Man and landscape

Voting: 8 days
Voting ...

Orange color

2 days
2 days left
1667 participants

Fashion in the city

6 days
6 days left
2841 participants

White color

10 days left
2340 participants

Black color

14 days left
1150 participants

Farm Life

18 days left
991 participants

Little helpers

22 days left
2686 participants

Autumn colors

27 days left
639 participants

Autumn Narrative

32 days left
1653 participants

Plant microcosm

Children emotional portrait

Universe Exploration: Through the Lens

Costumed female portrait

Still life with vegetables

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