Labels on your photos

To increase the limit, you need to compare 350 pairs. For each subsequent increase, it is necessary to compare 350 pairs more.

A little more about what the percentage in the photo. The percentage shows how often your chosen in comparison with other photos (the higher the percentage the better the quality of your work).

Percent = ( count of votes for your photo ) / ( count of comparisons ) * 100

For example, the percentage in the photo is 20% with 100 comparisons. This means that 20 out of 100 people have chosen your photo as the best. Another example, the percentage in a photo shows a figure of 56% with 200 comparisons. This means that 56% of people (or 112 people) chose your photo when compared with 200 other works in the current nomination.

count of comparisons - how many times has your photo been compared with other photos on a volunteer vote within your nomination (the more comparisons, the more accurate the indicators will be).
Percent - how often did you choose yours in comparison with other photos (the higher the percentage, the better the quality of your work).
Scale under the photo - key indicator which is worth being guided by. The closer the pointer to the blue part of the scale, the higher your chances of successful participation in the prize.

If you have a upgrade account for the current awards, then you see two ratings. Evaluation of ordinary viewers, and evaluation of professionals (photographers who were moderated at The counting principle is exactly the same, only divided into 2 types. If you have a regular account, you can see one general assessment regardless of the status of the voter.

What photos can I submit to the contest?

Image format – JPEG, RGB color model
Resolution - from 1500 pixels on the larger side
Shooting time. Photos sent to the main annual photo award must be photographed during 2020, 2021 or 2022 year. For the other thematic competitions there are no requirements for the year of shooting.
Other marks. Works should not have any copyright plates, copyright signs, added frames, etc.

What are bonus comparisons?

Over time, some pairs that were compared may become invalid. This happens in some cases, for example: one of the photos in a pair violated the rules, was uploaded to the wrong category, or the author himself took a photo from the competition. In this case, this pair is recognized as invalid. A bonus comparison is added to the second photo of the pair to compensate for the difference.

Why did my photo get a lower rating after adding bonus points?

The photo's rating decreases over time. This always happens, the closer the date of the main voting is, the more competitive the situation becomes, and the more quality work remains in the competition. This happens due to the fact that some photos are removed from the competition due to violation of the rules, and most photographers themselves remove photos with a low rating in favor of stronger works. A drop in the rating on a volunteer vote does not affect the main vote, and it is not worth fearing. This is the approximate level of your photo at the current time, relative to the rest of the works uploaded to the competition. Since photographs have a limit on the number of comparisons, and some photographs have already been compared, when adding bonus points, they again take part in the volunteer voting and adjust the rating of other works. Bonus points will be added from time to time when invalid comparisons are recalculated.

Designations in photos and diplomas


1500 photos / photographers at the competition5000 photos / photographers at the competition
WINNER 1,2,31-3 place1-3 place
TOP 10TOP 10TOP 10
TOP 35TOP 35TOP 35
TOP 50TOP 50TOP 50
TOP 100TOP 100TOP 100
TOP 10%TOP 150TOP 500
TOP 20%TOP 300TOP 1000
TOP 35%TOP 525TOP 1750
Percentage TOP - relative value in which your level is reflected relative to all other works. To understand the absolute value, you can use the formula:

TOP = (count photos or authors at the competition) / 100 * (Your percentage).

Why data in certificates and on the page with totals may differ?

The data in the certificates and on the main contest results page are calculated slightly differently. On the contest results page, you see more complete and accurate information about the concluded contest. The certificates reflect more generalized and most significant information.

The number of participants in nominations, cities, and countries varies (the difference can be significant). If for a large city the TOP 50 is a significant achievement, for a small city where the number of participants was 50 people, it is not very significant. Therefore, in the first case, the result will be reflected in the diploma, in the second case it will not.
For example, if less than 3500 people participated in the city, the maximum will be TOP 200.
On the results page, you see the TOP multiples of 10. Each time the site recalculates the values in the section and shows you the updated value. As the data, for example, by country or city, can change, such as when a participant did not add information about their city or country, or entered it incorrectly, you will see a new value.

The maximum TOP reflected in certificates in the nominations for single photos is TOP 300, for series works - TOP 100. In the certificates for TOP, there are options such as 35, 50, 70, 100, 150... (In other sections, including the photographer rating, it all depends on the number of participants in that section.).

Sometimes the difference, for example, between 10th and 20th place is very small and the difference can be attributed to a margin of error and the counting system, so for a more complete picture, larger TOP values are used in the certificate to ensure the data in the certificate always remains relevant and it does not need to be reprinted.

Why can the number of comparisons grow?

If you vote not thoughtfully and are often mistaken, then the number of new comparisons will increase.

When voting in such control points is wrong, the system will add to you the number of comparisons to increase the statistics of your opinion and the statistics of the passage of other control points.

If you vote thoughtfully and honestly, the required number of comparisons to increase the limit will decrease. If you chase the speed and vote on the machine, then somewhere you go wrong ;)

By the way, the time spent on the analysis of photos does not matter (there is such an opinion).

Why is all this necessary? Firstly, it improves the quality of voting. Secondly, such statistics track behavioral actions. Thirdly, all this together very quickly reveals bots and people who are trying to influence the vote (drown everyone except friends or create accounts and drown everyone except their photos).


No. All voting is anonymous, we also do not accept photos from copyrights. The jury sees only photographs, there are no other identification signs. You can talk to any member of the jury to find out how the vote was held.
No, no one. The improved account only affects what is described in the account description, no more privileges.
No. We do not cooperate with state organizations.
After voting at the first and second stage, photos are sorted by rating. The works with the maximum number of votes are transferred to the next stage in the automatic mode. Photos that have not passed on automatically are viewed by the jury members, and can be passed by them into the next stage in manual mode. The jury can take photos to the next stage in any main vote. This is done so that the strong and complex work, which happened to be overboard, could continue the struggle.
We use different ways of evaluating photographs at different stages. For the passage of the 1st stage, the voices of all spectators (including professionals) are used. In addition to the average rating (of all voters), the transition to the next stage is influenced separately: ratings from professionals, only viewers, and verified ratings. For example, if you do not pass on the average grade, but the professionals rated you highly, you also go further (the best 10% of the work is taken for each individual grade). For the mobile nomination, only the average rating is used.
The international jury of the competition can view and transfer works to the next stage in manual mode, regardless of the rating of the photo (from the 2nd to the 3rd stage, 3 jury members are required to transfer the photo).
For the passage of the 2nd stage with a high priority, the voices of professionals are used. A small part of the works that, in the opinion of the audience or according to verified estimates, show good results, also go to the next stage.
The photo could have been translated by an interim vote (read below)
We know from experience that there is no one size fits all method of voting, so we use different approaches to ensure the most objective approach to evaluating a photo. At the end of each stage of voting, part of the work goes on automatically, and part of the work is separated by an insignificant difference in the rating. Therefore, an interim vote was added between the stages, in which the participants are shown the work in a list, from which they need to choose the best. The more often a job is chosen, the more chances it has for passing to the next stage (usually 1-3% of works in the nomination are additionally transferred in this way)
It always happens, and for all photographs. In a volunteer vote, a photo gets a rough estimate, since it is compared with a limited number of works that have been uploaded recently (on a regular account, it gets 200 comparisons and stops). After comparisons, usually the authors remove weak works or works that do not correspond to the nominations and repeat the procedure until there are strong works. Thus, by the time of the main voting, the most powerful photographs of the authors, with whom the work will be met for the first time, remain in the competition. It turns out that among strong competitors, it will not work to gain a high percentage like in a volunteer vote, and all works will have a lower rating.
A huge number of works are uploaded to the competition. And even several members of the jury are not able to view even a small part of them and not miss the excellent work. Therefore, the system is constructed in such a way that the selection criteria are tightened at each stage of voting. The main jury is connected only at the third stage, when you can thinkfully approach a small number of finished works and already choose the best ones.
The percentage of the transition is not always 50% and depends on several factors and is formed after the voting ends at the stage. The
                                    First. The percentage of the transfer is affected by the nomination. For example, in the nomination "mobile photography" the percentage of the transition can be 60-65%. This is due to the fact that this nomination is loaded with a huge number of works, since anyone can participate in it who has a phone. The percentage of works of poor quality is higher than in other categories, and the percentage of comparison for strong and medium jobs is often higher, as they compete with weak work. Therefore, the percentage of the transition is specially overestimated.                                     
                                    The second factor that affects the percentage of the transition is the voting activity. Some nominations cause greater interest among the voters than others. We know that works in nominations landscape, portrait and nude receive more votes than the nomination "mobile photography" for example. Hence, the percentage of the transition may be less than 50%, since we know that the work will gain enough votes for the rating.
Every day we receive millions of votes, and learned how to identify the voices of people who vote incorrectly or deliberately underreporting photos of other participants. For example, when comparing pairs for a long time, the voter gives preference to weak work, thereby lowering strong photos in the rating. When identifying people voting in this way, we subtract their votes from the vote and the rating is recalculated. This is done at the end of each stage. We specifically do not disclose the detection algorithm, that the voters could not influence the algorithm of its operation.
A thematic photo contest on 35AWARDS is a specialized competition focused on a specific theme or subject. It allows photographers to showcase their skills in a particular area and compete with other participants who are also working in the same theme. Thematic contests can cover various genres, such as portrait, landscape, street photography, etc., and often include special requirements or restrictions related to the theme.
Certificates for thematic photo contests on 35AWARDS are awarded to photographers whose works are in the Top 35% of the best entries in the contest. This can be achieved either through one photo entering the Top 35% or through the combination of three best works by the photographer that, in total, allow them to enter the Top 35% of the best photographers in the contest. The results and corresponding certificates are generated after the second stage of voting, taking its results into account.
Photos submitted to thematic contests on 35AWARDS are not included in the annual catalog. Only photos selected as a result of the main annual 35AWARDS photo contest are included in the catalog.
The Top 1% of the best works in the 35AWARDS contest is the highest recognition of your photographic achievements. Imagine that all the photos in the contest are like a large pie divided into 100 parts. The Top 1% represents the best of these parts. If there are 1000 photos in the contest, only 10 of them (1% of 1000) make it into this prestigious group. This means that your work is better than 99% of other works. The lower the percentage, the higher the rating: 1% is better than 2%, and so on. It's like being one of the smartest students in the class - you're in the top group.
In addition to the Top 1% of the best works in the 35AWARDS contest, special winners are also highlighted - usually, these are the top 10 works of the contest. Although these works are part of the Top 1%, in the results of the contest, they are separately recognized as the best works of the contest.
The Top of the best photographers in the 35AWARDS contest is formed based on the cumulative rating of the three best works of each photographer. If, as a result of the evaluation of these three works, the photographer enters the top 35% of participants, they are considered one of the top photographers of the contest. This allows assessing the overall skill and consistency of the photographer's works, not just a single outstanding photograph.
When forming the rating of the best photographers in the thematic contest on 35AWARDS, the number of works submitted by each participant is taken into account. Some photographers submit more than three works, while others submit fewer. This diversity in the number of works submitted affects the overall rating and can influence the final rating of each participant. Therefore, photos that do not enter the top three works of one participant can affect the rating of other photographers.
Understanding the rating of the best photographers in the 35AWARDS contest may not always be straightforward. It's important to know that the photographer's rating does not always correspond to the simple average of their three best works. For example, photos with Top 1%, Top 5%, and Top 5% ratings can lead to an overall photographer rating of Top 8%, rather than (1+5+5)/3 = Top 3.7%. This happens because when forming the photographer ratings, all uploaded photos are taken into account, but only the top three works are included in the overall ranking.
Even if all photos enter the top 35%, it does not guarantee presence in the ranking of the best photographers.

You can recover your password via recovery form. If the letter is not it, check the folder "spam".

If you entered the phone at registration, too try to recover your password via SMS

When you using Facebook or Vkontakte sign-in using these social networking sites.

We do not remove the photos of our members!

One of the most common reasons is to create multiple accounts. You could create a new account using a different email. If you are not connected to an account 35AWARDS account the social network through which you are trying to enter, it is possible to create a new account.

Therefore, please try again using other methods.

We recommend that all our members, to connect to the account of one or more social networking in your profile. And also provide a telephone number.

In the case of password loss will be much easier to regain access to your account.

To pass the moderation necessary to upload 10 photos to test reactions to site. To do this, you need to go under your account (using the login Next, click on the orange button at the top right corner of the screen and upload 10 photos. Time to test is not defined and depends on the presence of the editors on the site.
You can delete an account by clicking on this link. To delete you must be logged in to the site. The account will be deleted from and, as the accounts are merged. To delete your account, you can also click on the dropdown menu in the top right corner of the screen, then select the "Edit Profile" section, and at the bottom right part of the screen, there will be a link "Delete Account"
If you have been moderated to site, then you can upload 5 photos. All other - 2 photos. But you can easily compensate for this difference by inviting your friend to participate, then you and your friend limit will be increased.
If you have been on site Send moderation then you can upload 5 photos. All other - 2 photos. But you can easily compensate for this difference by inviting your friend to participate then you limit will be increased.
By participating in the voting, you also increase the limit on uploading works for the main award.
On your page with photos click on the desired photo or the gear icon in the upper right corner of the photo.
If the photo has small number of points, and you want to improve the results or you just want to change the picture to another, you need to delete unwanted photos and upload a new one.
On your page with photos click on the desired photo or the gear icon in the upper right corner of the photo.
On your page with photos click on the desired photo or the gear icon in the upper right corner of the photo. Next, the bottom right is the red button "Delete".
Volunteer Vote for informational purposes only and does not affect the primary vote. Therefore, before the main voting can safely replace the pictures.
The reception of works will continue until 25 Feb 2021.
At the end of the photo award, works of the winners and participants of the 3rd stage are used for publications in the annual photo catalog, in magazines of our partners, etc. As well as to confirm the authorship of the participants. Works of low resolution can not be used for printing, so this is a prerequisite.
Under the works that have passed in the third stage you will see a button for uploading. Or click on the photo itself.
Within 10 days after the completion of the vote of the international jury.
If the photo was uploaded successfully, the form of uploading the high-resolution file disappears.
Please refer to the detailed description of the problem by mail In order for the answer to be as quick and useful as possible, describe the problem in more detail, attach screenshots.
According to the rules of the contest, the works that are rated in the top 100 in all nominations must download the work in the original resolution. If your work entered the top 100, but you can not provide the original, then the work will also be taken into account in the rating, but after the works included in the top 100, they uploaded files of high resolution.
Only on a separate request from the organizers. This may be necessary if the organizers could not establish the authorship of the photo, the shooting time questions, etc. In this case, you will be contacted through the contacts that you left at registration, post office, social. network.
The file is JPG, Adobe RGB, maximum 50MB. Resolution - the original resolution of the file (maximum) (minimum resolution: 3000x3000, for the nomination "mobile photo": 2000x2000). The downloaded file should look exactly like the photo uploaded to the contest (already with processing). It is advisable to save EXIF from the file.
Upload the already glued version of the maximum resolution photo with the processing. The uploaded file should look exactly like the photo uploaded to the contest.
No. We do not provide photos of participants to 3 persons for use outside the competition. All rights to the photo are reserved for the author.
Replace the photo to an already loaded pictures can not be, you need to upload the photo again by specifying a new nomination.
"Photographer of the Year" in the main competition 35AWARDS is a prestigious title awarded to a photographer whose work demonstrates outstanding skill and originality.
On the 35AWARDS photo award, a rating of the top 100 photographers of the year is formed, which includes the best photographers from all categories. This means that the best photographers are determined in each category, and then a general rating is formed, which includes the top 100 photographers of the year.
It is formed separately in each category based on the three best works in that category. In addition to determining the top 100 photographers of the year, a percentage rating is also calculated for all other participants who did not make it into this list. For example, Top 1% is considered better than Top 2%."
Stop comparing is possible in a few cases: incorrect nomination, the presence of a frame or a copyright or a low percentage comparisons. More often it is connected with a low percentage of comparing the results of the voting of the volunteer. Stops automatically. In any case, after stopping we recommend that you try to upload another job.
We tested a variety of ways to assess the photos and came to the conclusion that it is in such a way to get the most objective results. Also, we are constantly analyzing the intermediate results of voting results in the case, if we see that the current method of assessment we get wrong results, make additional adjustments.
If your page, you'll see a notice of violation and it is true, you must remove the photos and upload new without breaking. If you do not agree with the comments, please click on the appropriate button and the message will disappear.
So your photos comply with the rules of the contest. But all the same we recommend to check your photos on compliance with the rules. The photos should not be copyright, unauthorized inscriptions, frames and pictures are to be made in 2020 or 2021.
It is recommended to focus on the evaluation of professionals. Since the evaluation of professionals has a greater effect on the passage of the 2nd stage, a spectator in the passing of the 1st stage.
To get an answer as soon as possible, you can contact the best technical support chat in telegram. Our AI bot (beta) will answer the most frequently asked questions.
- Technical support 24/7 AI [beta]

If you do not find an answer to a question, ask it to us:


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- Technical support 24/7 AI [beta]

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