Long exposure

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Кристиян Младенов

Crater Galaxy

North Bulgaria, Lom river, 2016.


Кристиян Младенов

TOP 35: Long exposure

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The main competition 35AWARDS is not quick and is just once a year. So we decided to hold monthly mini-competitions. In this competition we are waiting for photo shots at slow shutter speeds.


Increase the limit to the load for the main contest 35AWARDS 2016. Extensive coverage of the winner photos, as well as 35 of the best photos of the competition.


50 of the best photos on the results of audience voting will be reviewed by our professional jury will be selected among them only one. Voting continues throughout the time of reception of works, as well as after, for a 10-days.


  • photo - 1000 pixels on the longest side
  • genre photo - your best photo
  • photo should be no copyright marks, add borders, etc.
  • entry fee - free