35 members of the jury 2016
from 35 countries

Every year competition will attract 35 jury members from different countries. No more than one person from each. What will choose the winners of the most independent and objective.

1. Germany
Laura Zalenga
Laura is a 1990 born [self-]portrait-artist from Southern Germany. Besides shooting she has been teaching workshops and travelled to photography meet-ups around the world. It’s her clear visual language, the power of telling stories and showing raw, honest emotions in her photographs that makes her work stand out. She is convinced that photography is a type of therapy that gives you the ability to heal yourself and others. more...
5. South Africa
Isak Pretorius
Isak is a specialist wildlife photographic guide from South Africa. His discovery of nature’s special moments at a young age shaped his aspirations of today: to showcase the beauty of his continent’s natural wonders in a creative way.

His bird and wildlife images have won multiple awards and been celebrated nationally and internationally in many publications. His preferred genre of fine art bird photography is easily recognisable by their authentic style, simplistic design and technical skill.

Isak’s passion for nature is fuelled by the reminiscence of a classic Africa and his aim is to create conservation awareness for his continent’s natural wonders. He is not only focussing his attention on photographic assignments throughout the African continent, but also on offering private photographic safaris with avid amateur and professional photographers. Having hosted many groups of photographers in Africa, Isak has taken on a keen interest in educating the photographers about their surroundings as well as teaching them the art of photography.

9. Norway
Tor-Ivar Næss
Tor-Ivar Næss is by definition a semi-professional photographer based in Nordreisa, Norway. His passion is capturing land- and nightscapes. Living in Northern Norway gives him plenty of beautiful locations to choose from as well as the mesmerizing aurora borealis and, of course, the midnight sun. The journey began in 2012 when he purchased his first camera. Since then he has worked to become the best he can be, learning new things every day. Today, he have been published both nationally and internationally, as well as being shortlisted for the prestigeous Astronomy Photographer Of The Year. Tor-Ivar says "If I can touch the emotions of a friend or a stranger with my photos, I know I am on the right track and this something that drives me." more...
13. Czech Republic
Martin Stranka

Martin Stranka is a self-taught professional photographer, born on April 13 1984, based in Prague, Czech Republic. Stranka's distinctive vision of photography is etched as a unique space located in a balance and serenity, while his sophisticated and rewarding images exist in that narrow window of a few seconds between dreaming and awakening.

During the last years he has won over 50 major international photography awards from different competitions, including Professional Photographer of the Year, Nikon International Photo Contest, Prix de la Photographie Paris, Sony World Photography Awards, EISA Photo Maestro and International Photography Awards three years in a row.

His solo and group exhibitions have been seen from South and North America, through Europe, all the way to Asia. His photographs have been exhibited in places such as New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Milan, London, Miami, Prague, Hong Kong, Kiev and many more. Stranka's work was presented in prestigious galleries such as Getty Images Gallery and Saatchi Gallery. His work stood proudly alongside the likes of Andy Warhol, Annie Leibovitz, Banksy, Damien Hirst, Helmut Newton, Albert Watson and Roxanne Lowit.

He has created book covers for the biggest New York publishers, such as Harper Collins Publishers and Sterling Publishing. In addition, he has collaborated with other book publishers, music publishers and artists around the world.

He loves the smell of autumn and the sparkling grains of dust floating in the sunset.

17. Chile
Ronny García
Ronny Garcia is 26 years old, graphic designer, borned in Barranquilla, Colombia. Young self-taught, restless and inquisitive mind, with a great desire to know and show the world from a different perspective. He started drawing at a very young age, which made easy the connection with art in general. His fascination for the art was who led him to this constant search of a platform which could help to express his feelings and emotions freely. At age 24 he bought his first DSLR on a trip through Europe, the connection was instant. Started making self-portraits, which strongly mark his style. A common element in the Ronny's style is tell fantastic stories in which uses the human body as a basic element to create. more...
21. Iran
Mohammad Reza Domiri Ganji
Mohammad Reza Domiri Ganji was born on 7th of December 1990 in Tehran, Iran and lives in northern city of Babol. He majored in physics besides he has been taking photos for 6 years. His proficiency is in architecture photography, monument and tourist attractions photography and also panorama. However, he attend night sky and landscape photography too. In Mohammad's point of view the most important element in photography is the "light" therefore, he has spent a lot of time learning methods of light capturing and editing it in shots. On second level of importance he emphasizes on repetition, symmetry and fine color tunes. Domiri has always made his attempt to illustrate stunning features of buildings along with the details in architecture photography through artistic standpoints. During last few years he has had his captures displayed in the most leading photography websites, journals and books His latest collection "Historic Persian monuments and Temples" has been exhibited in some most significant world-class media such as Gurdian, BBC, Daily Mail, ABC, CNN,Spiegel, Yahoo, National geographic, Mental floss,Digital photo, Quest, and many other websites and journals. (including Art,Photograohy, Architecture and design magazines ) In 2014 is 2015 his shots were selected as the finalist in Sony World Photo Competitions. He got Gold Medal and best HDR in the Epson Pano award 2014 and third price of Kolor best panoramic photographer of 2014.


  • Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, 2014 – by name of Architecture and point of vision
  • Schwerte, Germany - June 2015 – Persian Architecture
  • South Korea, Clayarch Gimhae Museum – 2016, Islamic architecture
  • more...
    25. Bulgaria
    Krasi Matarov
    Krasi Matarov works as a teacher and lives in Blagoevgrad (Bulgaria). He has some self-organized exhibitions, a score of first places in national and international photo contests. His works are exhibited in London, Warsaw, Moscow, Bratislava, Luxembourg, China, Turkey, Bulgaria etc. Krasi is a winner of the open category "Nature & Wildlife" Sony World Photography Awards 2013 contest, where were 122 000 participants all over the world and this trophy is the most important achievement for him. He is the top 10 best world's macro photographers by www.toptety.com. For Krasi photography is a passion, which gives possibility to unite with the nature, communicate with it and show part of this dialogue in his photos. Krasi tries to give his photo skills and knowledge to his students in his coterie and while leading one of the projects. He took part in WPO workshops and organizes 2-day macro and landscape photography seminars, master classes, workshops and photo tours in Bulgaria. more...
    29. Bangladesh
    KM Asad

    "I (born 1983) am Dhaka based Bangladeshi documentary photographer and Journalist. I was starting my photography carrier since 2005 and now I am present Photojournalist at Zummapress news agency and Contributing photographer at Getty images."

    "I was done my photography graduation from Pathshala (The South Asian Media Academy) in 2008, along with my academic graduation. I made my own manner across this subcontinent, exploring the country by way of doing photography. My conceivable thoughts made me to interact with people at the time I was brought up in old town. This makes me more conscious about the people, society as well as my own country. In 2007, when the cyclone (SIDR) scattered Bangladesh, I went to remote places to capture the dying condition of local people. Against those photos hundreds of people got reliefs who were in need of foods and other staffs, funds. Tracing the narratives of my communities I was moved my lenses to realize the unconscionably of the sufferer."

    Time, The Guardian- UK, New Internationalist, The New York Times, Asia Time, The Telegraph, Days Japan, Paris Match, The Daily Telegraph, National geographic magazine, Discovery Channel magazine, Feature shot, The wall street journal, Saudi Aramco world magazine, MSNBC, Smith Sonian magazine, Popist and many moor.


  • 2016, Bangladesh photographic Society (BPS)
  • 2016, Montage 16- Indo Bangladesh Photography contest (India)
  • 2016, Through the lens Bangladesh (TTL) Online photo contest
  • more...
    33. Australia
    Peter Stewart
    "I'm Peter, an Australian travel and fine art photographer, currently based out of Hong Kong. I lust for capturing bustling cityscapes and dynamic landscapes wherever my passport will take me, but I also have a growing passion for street portraiture and documentary photography of the sights that go otherwise unseen.

    After picking up my first ever camera in 2009, and with no prior experience, I began to see the world differently through the viewfinder of an SLR. My passion has always stemmed from travel and the desire to visit and experience all the amazing places the world has to offer. My goal is simply to create images that make you go 'wow'.

    I shoot primarily on digital, which makes up the bulk of my main portfolio. However I'm a highly vocal supporter of film photography and still regularly shoot on 35mm for personal use and to mix things up a little.

    I hope you enjoy my images

    2. France
    Alain Laboile
    Wrought-iron craftsman, photographer and father to six children, Alain Laboile started a family album in 2007, at the age of 39. His“La Famille”series was, at first, a private treasure.

    This self-taught photographer who only possesses one picture of his own childhood simply wished to record the passing of time with his family.

    Alain Laboile started observing and snapping shots of his children's carefree games from his shed on an isolated piece of land in the south of France. Without any staging, the photographer-father catches them in symbiosis with nature. The house, the field, the woods and the pond are some of the open-sky sets where telluric forces seem to possess the young moving bodies.These photos act like an elixir of life. They take us back to the“state of nature” imagined by the 17th century philosophers. When the world was young, only impulses mattered.The family album quickly goes beyond the private setting and seduces the web. Tens of thousands of internet users all over the world await, daily, the new images of this French“tribe”insolently living on the edge of the world. In December 2012, the New York Times celebrates Alain Laboile's talent. The first exhibitions ensue in Japan and the United States, then in France in early 2015 with the“Aux frontières de l’intime“ collective exhibit. Alain Laboile's images finally take their rightful place in the long tradition of family photography. The“La Famille”series joined the Musée français de la photographie collection in 2014.and was recently published by Kehrer Verlag.

    6. Hong Kong
    CM Leung
    CM LEUNG is Master of WPPI, the creative director and principal photographer of CM Le- ung Gallery based in HK with presence in Greater China, Malaysia and U.S.; and also the founder of WPPA (Wedding and Portrait Photographer of Asia) with the ambition to inspire wedding photographers within Asia.

    CM enjoys a successful career in wedding photography since he turned pro in 2005 and has won multiple awards in major international competitions. In 2010 he has won the pres- tigious “WPPI International Wedding Print of the Year” and “WPPI International Photo- Journalism Print of the Year” awards. These grand awards recognize the highest standard of photography and CM is the first Asian photographer to have accomplished such honors. He has also won the most photography awards internationally since year 2009. These achievements led him to be one of the most reputable photographers in the world.

    Since 2009 CM has dedicated time to conduct workshops and seminars in different coun- try including Australia, USA, Mexico, UK, Italy, Turkey, Estonia, Romania, Cyprus, Spain, Greece, Croatia, Portugal, Malaysia , Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, China and Hong Kong, etc. It is his aspiration to share his passion and vision to photography enthusiasts all over the world. His presentations are well received and he is regarded as one of the most respected speakers in the industry.

    CM is well-known for his unique style of shooting with the combination of natural light and his amazing vision. His images are elegant, intimate and artistic. He is a photographer who is able to translate feelings into images that touches one’s emotion, mind and heart.

    10. Bosnia and Herzegovina
    Nina Mašić
    I was born in born in Bihać, Bosnia & Herzegovina. I graduated at Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo, and although my major was graphic design I quickly realized that photography is my true passion. In recent years I'm actively pursuing fashion, portrait and beauty photography, as well as high end retouching.
    14. Spain
    Xenia Lau

    Young photographer born in ibiza and based on Barcelona (Spain). She grew up between art, passionate on painting and drawing. She starts into selfportrait world at 12 y.o and develops a pasion to portrait and beauty.

    Her works are treated delicately, seeking beauty and feeling behind each face and each person. Usually, uses their models as characters to tell stories and emotions. All wrapped around in a pictorial and dreamlike atmosphere.

    18. Thailand
    Saravut Whanset
    Saravut Whanset started his work in photography with a small group in his village, inspired by both his brothers, whom are both avid photographers. Saravut began to travel around Thailand in order to capture the lifestyle of his people. Policeman by day and photographer when off duty, he is fascinated by moody atmospheres and the impact of lighting. more...
    22. Latvia
    Katerina Annenkova
    Katerina Annenkova is a natural light photographer based in Riga, Latvia. First started her acquaintance with photography when studying web design at college, she still considers herself mostly self-taught. Katerina has been running a successful business in Riga for a few years, focusing on child and family photography. Currently she takes a very limited number of client sessions devoting most of her time to her family and home, which include three children, a dog and a cat. Kids continue to be the main inspiration for Katerina, she is capturing the precious moments of them growing up. Katerina’s photographs are full of joy, true emotions and tomorrow’s treasured memories. more...
    26. Brazil
    Alisson Gontijo
    The photographer Alisson Gontijo was born in Brazil is a journalist with the Graduate Theatre and started in photography as a photojournalist working in the daily newspaper "Time".

    In 2012 he decided to dedicate his life exclusively authorial photography and its images seeks to show the soul of the characters, the beauty of the landscapes and the intrinsic details of the human condition, regardless of the context, place, or time, so his art presents traits impact the captured extreme situations and also by a strong aesthetic and humanitarian sensibility. Alisson has held exhibitions with your images in various countries of the world and won dozens of photographs of competitions and last year winner in the category Photographic Documentary "Humanity Photo Awards" held by UNESCO, Honorable Mention in the "Travel Photographer of the Year" and medal merit in "HIPA".

    Uses a purist photographic technique, trying to capture what is most human and pure the people portrayed, as it believes that through this relationship it has with who portrays establishes the symbolic spaces, imaginary and real, where values are constructed, feelings, emotions and fantasies and that makes visible what is invisible on appearances: the human condition.

    For the artist the beauty of photography is whet the imagination of the viewer with tests that cause in a single moment the tenderness and hope contrast with the pain, guilt and tragedy, but not detached from the aesthetic pleasure.

    30. French Polynesia
    Ben Thouard
    Ben grew up in the south of France where the waves are small. His father was a sailor and taught him everything about the ocean. Rocked by the waves and wind, Ben received an education in close connection with nature and especially the sea. Coached by his older brothers, he quickly fell in love with surfing and spent every moment that he could in the ocean.
    Ben discovered photography at the age of 15 and started shooting his friends during surfing together, he then knew that photography would be his life. After learning photography in Toulon and also studying at a photography school in Paris, Ben managed to achieve his dream, to travel to Hawaii.
    At the age of 19, Ben landed on the island of Maui, to start shooting all kinds of water sports. The first publication came soon after spendings days and days in the water with his custom home-made water-housing for shooting underwater photography. During the next couple of years, Ben traveled the world alongside professionals in search of photogenic landscapes and waves that had never been surfed before.
    At 22, with his friend and professional windsurfer Baptiste Gossein, Ben decided to move to Tahiti, a place they both fell in love with.. Ben made Teahupo’o’s famous wave his backyard and his favorite place to shoot. Mesmerised by the many colours of his new home he explored new ways of shooting by flying aboard a motorised paraglider.
    Ben's curiosity and thirst for discovery takes him constantly around the world to meet new cultures and discover new places, finally to live his dream and satisfy his two passions - photography and the ocean.
    34. Belarus
    Viktor Korneev
    Белорусский арт и фешн фотограф. Имеет ряд публикаций в зарубежных журналах. Неоднократный судья различных фотоконкурсов. Приглашенный спикер отечественных и международных событий в мире фотографии. Преподаватель индивидуальных и групповых мастер-классов. more...
    3. Indonesiya
    Rarindra Prakarsa
    Rarindra is photographer based in Jakarta, Indonesia. He started learning photography early 1990's. Bought first SLR camera, Nikon FM2, in 1995 and started digital photography in 2004. His works first published internationally in 2006 by Ukraine Magazine and followed by Russian Magazine. Until now several publication from some countries have been published his works. He also conduct workshops in Indonesia and some countries. Now he already conducted workshops in 10 countries. His pictures is all about people, cultures, and combined with their environment. All in beautiful lights and post-processed to reach painting-like pictures. more...
    7. India
    Arka Dutta
    Arka is based in Kolkata, India and he is keen on doing social documentary photography. He believes that living in the moment and photographing it, is his way of sharing with the world how he sees things; whether it be humorous, serious, playful, profound or just plain creative. He likes to follow a visual storytelling style of work and apart from travelling, through his photography Arka wants to illuminate social and environment issues, lifestyle, diverse communities and their culture, customs & rituals. His accolades include his works being published in international & national magazines, his photographs being exhibited in USA, UK, Iran, Netherlands, India and being awarded in several contests like HIPA, UNNCCD Photo Contest, Black and White Spider Awards, Ten Photos to Shake the Worlds etc. and including 35Awards 2015. Currently he is working on few forgotten and marginalized communities of India. more...
    11. Argentina
    Barbara Bezina
    Barbara Bezina, visual artist. She was born in Necochea, Argentina in 1980. It's self-taught artist who deals with photography and digital art (specifically photographic manipulation). Her main subjects are women, the model is often her sister or herself, but also expresses light, darkness, spirits, energies, creatures, the four elements, dreams, visions. Barbara has participated in numerous exhibitions in the United States, Mexico, Belgium, England, France, Monaco, Egypt ("International Contemporary Photography Month Gezira" 2012. Cairo), Greece ("Gezira International Contemporary Photography-Greece" Crete 2013); Sweden , Affordable Art Fair Stockholm 2012/2015 with ArtZandra Gallery, Its part of the permanent collection of MACS -Museo Arte Contemporanea Sicilia-. She lives and works in San Juan, Argentina. more...
    15. Serbia
    Jovana Rikalo

    My name is Jovana Rikalo and I am self-taught fine art and portrait photographer based in Serbia. I was born in 1989. I've been taking photos since 2013. I usually do fine art (conceptual) and portrait photography but also fashion and commercial.

    I had no interest in choosing photography as my profession until autumn of 2013, when I finally realized how strongly I really feel about it. Photography has become my greatest love. Capturing emotions and milestones is now a big part of who I am, and the whole idea of perfectly freezing special moments & feelings pushes me to take risks, get creative and learn as much as I can about the art of photo editing. When it comes to style & interests, I prefer the outdoors and eye-catching locations. I like to create unreal situations in the real world, and tell surreal stories with my camera. My mission is to create images that look unnatural, but feel real.

    19. Poland
    Adam Wawrzyniak
    Born in Poland,1969. Became a photographer 8 years ago, to be exact from the moment he photographed the birth of his son Dawid. Soon after, he bought his first DSLR camera. Today, he is recognized in children's photography not only in his native country, but increasingly abroad as well. Adam is also a winner of many prestigious awards, including 35AWARDS2015. Currently runs children's and wedding photography workshops. more...
    23. Slovakia
    Martin Marcisovsky
    Dublin-based photographer Martin Marcisovsky captures some interesting silhouettes fixed in equally engaging landscapes. These small figures appear to be either deep in thought or on some kind of journey with their backs facing us, the voyeurs peering into their dreamy scenes. The surreal imagery leads one to believe that these worlds are perhaps within the minds of each subject. more...
    27. Kazakhstan
    Constantine Kikvidze
    Константин Киквидзе - казахстанский фотограф-путешественник с 20-летним стажем. Сегодня Константин является не только ведущим фотографом-пейзажистом Казахстана, но и основателем знаменитого проекта Photosafari.kz.

    Его команда единомышленников занимается фото и видео съемками неизведнаых локаций Казахстана и Средней Азии.

    31. Switzerland
    John Wilhelm
    "My profession is IT, my passion is photography. Photography was always important in my life. My father was an experienced hobby-photographer and founded at least two local photography-associations.

    So I grew up in an environment of cameras, magazines, lenses, selfmade camera-baggages, darkrooms and funny weddings. I wasn't very excited back then about those films and development processes. It was such a lot of fiddling in my eyes. The importance of photography changed into joy when I held my first digital cam in my hands. The fire was sparked off and a long journey began, a journey through lots of camera systems, techniques, experiences and finally software products. February 2011, I decided to take a step across the border of plain photography. I entered the world of Photoshop. That was the best thing I ever did... now photography is a complete passion!

    "I love bringing my fantasy to life with the help of my own images, Photoshop and 3D Software. Due to the fact that it's more an obsession than plain passion I call myself a photoholic."

    35. Philippines
    Mike Alegado
    Mike alegado was born in Metro Manila, Philippines in 1985. He is a self-taught fine art and conceptual portrait photographer and his work is mostly focused on conveying human emotions with a touch of dark fantasy.

    He also creates images that have a dream-like quality that aims to excite one's imagination. He has been published in various magazines and websites as well as exhibited his work in galleries locally and internationally. He's been teaching workshops on fine art portraiture and editing to inspire photographers to unlock their creativity through the art of storytelling.

    4. USA
    Sandro Miller
    Sandro Miller engaged in photography for over 30 years. He started shooting at age 16, inspired by the works of Irwin Pena. During his photographic career, he has achieved great success in portrait and commercial photography, he worked with major global brands. Today he is in the top 200 advertising photographers in the world.
    8. Ukraine
    Jaroslav Monchak
    Jaroslav Monchak - a professional photographer. Member of Ukrainian Association of Professional Photographers, which represents professional photographers in the international photographic community. Engaged art photography for about 10 years. Highly qualified with natural and studio lighting. Jaroslav has considerable experience in different areas of photography. He had been working for various Ukrainian and foreign magazines. His main areas are portrait, model and advertising photography. Two years ago Jaroslav had founded photoschool to teach beginners and cooperate with new and exciting photographers. more...
    12. Sweden
    Geert Weggen
    Geert Weggen, a Swedish national and international awarded photographer is working now for a couple of years very close with wild squirrels and birds. He is mainly focused on squirrels and captures them in a unique and beautiful way. His worked is published in many countries, newspapers and magazines. He is author of 4 animal photo books.
    2 times Winner in photo of the month in National, Geographic
    finalist 13th Annual Smithsonian.com Photo Contest
    3 place in photographer of the north european counties
    3 place in fotoland contest
    2 times winner in Viewbug with about 30 times finalist
    Digitalfoto magazin price
    Fotosidan magazin price
    And finalist in different other countries
    16. Romania
    Cristina Venedict

    “I make photography with my soul, capturing different moments of my life. I see the world differently through the lens of my camera; it has taught me to notice beauty when sadness surrounds me.

    I’ve always been fascinated by people. I like looking at them, studying their characteristics, their reaction, getting to know their stories. I believe each human being is unique, beautiful and unpredictable.

    My works have appeared in various publications & websites including: Adore Chroma Magazine, Silvershotz Magazine, Professional Photographer Magazine Uk, PH magazine, Worbz, Blur Magazine, Camera Obscura Journal, Tribe Magazine, Musse magazine, Foto4all, CHIP Foto Video, Photo Magazine”

    20. South Korea
    Eun Kim
    Live in Gwangju-si, near Seoul, South Korea. Studied painting at the University. And it was completed a Masters Degree Animation. He see that our inner nature also has the truth of those with in the nature and the human expose through my lens. The Light and contrast shines in the nature and the human, and infinite array of colors and it’s combination, Sing for salvation and hope that hide underneath of the naked face of the human and the nature. Also sing eternity with the innocent sight of a child from my coldness and hopeless life, I had. Wishing for salvation from hopeless, I am willing to share eternal salvation shines through my lens today and sing with it. Currently Photos judges in KOREA IMAGE BROADCASTING CO.
    Awards career
    2016. France 29th Salon Photo de Riedisheim (Méd. Or FPF)
    2015. 70th Hong Kong International Salon of Photography 2015 FIAP H/M
    2015. Czech ‘2015 Indian Summer’ UPI Gold Medal
    2014. 14th PSI International Print/Digital Salon-2015 Gold Medal
    2014. Czech PhotoART Vision International Salon 2014 Gold Meda
    2014~ 06,2016 : About 200 Accept at the International Salon.
    24. Vietnam
    Réhahn is a French photographer focusing on portrait and travel photography. Living in Vietnam. His photos have a great influence on telling visual stories. He has cooperated with several world famous magazines as National Geographic, BBC, Los Angeles Times, Conde Nast Traveller, Travel Life… more...
    28. Russia
    Elena Shumilova
    Детский и семейный фотограф с мировым именем Елена Шумилова. "После окончания МАРХИ (Московского архитектурного института) я около десяти лет проработала архитектором. Мне всегда была интересна фотография, но не настолько серьезно, чтобы начать что-либо делать самой. После рождения второго ребенка я стала проводить много времени далеко от Москвы, в деревне в Тверской области, и совсем забросила работу. И вот тогда у меня появилось непреодолимое желание снимать и делать это профессионально.
    Весной 2012 года у меня появились зеркальная камера Canon 5D Mark II и объектив 50 мм 1,2. Вначале я работала только над тем, чтобы получить удовлетворительное качество картинки, однако позже стала понимать, что есть возможность рассказать историю в изображении, передать свои чувства. В моих работах запечатлено не столько детство моих детей, сколько ностальгия по своему собственному."
    © rosphoto.com
    32. Netherland
    Albert Dros

    Albert’s work can be described as vibrant, colourful and sometimes even with a bit of a fairytale style. People often say his landscapes remind them of Lord of the Rings while his cityscapes are crystal clear and sharp. He believes that different genres require different approaches.

    His work purely represents his own vision and standards. That means he often does not work for a client directly. As a perfectionist he always tries to capture a certain moment or scene in the best possible way spending great amounts of dedication and time to get the shot he wants. He calls himself a ‘modern’ photographer meaning he completely loves new technology and always tries to keep up with innovations. That’s where he says Sony is a complete fit to his personality.

    He has been featured on many big media outlets like Time, National Geographic and the Huffington Post.

    His projects range from pure landscape work to artistic abstract approaches in which he is trying different things with photography. He always finds it important to have no boundaries in expressing an artistic vision.

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