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from the project
Couture Book

A set of photo cards with a passe-partout in a gift box, 410x300 mm format

Solid photo cards with a thickness of up to 1.5 mm, a distinguishing feature is the four colors of the mat for selecting 15 types of designer and professional photographic paper Felix Schöeller for printing. Rigid gift wrapping design "Cass, about 50 colors and textures.


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from the project
Couture Book

Modular poster 900х900 (each module 300х300)

The basis - a white foam card 5 mm, 3 types of photo paper. Protective glossy lamination. The image is cut into square modules with a size of 300x300 mm. provides convenience in transportation.


3 place
from the project
Couture Book

Classical photobook with combined cover - for the most valuable photographs.

The format is 280x200 mm. Cover - glossy or matt lamination. 3 kinds of paper for selection.



As the well-known writer, philosopher and publicist Richard Bach said: "Heaven is not a place or a time. Heaven is the achievement of perfection."

Improve your skills by participating in a photographic competition with the philosophical name "Clouds" from 35AWARDS. We wish you success!


35 best photos on the results of the audience vote will be considered by the organizers, among which the best 3 will be chosen. Voices of spectators are accepted during the reception of works and 10 days after completion ...


  • Photo - no less than 1000 pixels on the larger side
  • Portrait with natural light
  • Without copyright marks (copyright), inscriptions, frames, etc.
  • Participation - free of charge

    The project COUTURE BOOK is a service for professional photographers, designers and architects, helping to simplify the process of creating unique photo books and author's albums as much as possible. We took all the best that is in the world of polygraphy: innovative ideas, advanced technologies, elegant and pleasant to the touch, cover materials, innovative photo paper, perfect digital printing system, program for layout / layout of photographs. Applying the principle of color blocking, we have developed ready-made serial collections of photobooks with and without a passepartout, photo sets with a passepartout and, of course, gift wrapping options, each of which will not only save photobooks for a long time, but will itself become an ornament of the interior.

    We have a lot to create elite photobooks and art albums, and most importantly - our printing experience, creativity and the desire not to stop there. A personal approach to each client, a guarantee of the quality of the produced photographic products. Albums and photobooks that are created in our country are not inferior to works of the best world companies. Some of our books even go to world museums.

    * Приз нужно создать самому в проекте МоиФотоСтраницы в течении 2-х недель после объявления победителей. Помощь при создании – Доставка приза по Москве бесплатно, в другие города за счет победителя конкурса.

    About the project MyPhotosPages

    MyPhotoPages photographic service for almost six years of its work has produced tens of thousands of photo products that differ in their excellent quality. The creators of "MyPhotoPages" are literally in love with their work, so all products are made not only qualitatively, but also with love. The project "MyPhotoPages" is designed to make truly individual products from photographs: photobooks, calendars, sets of postcards and photos, posters and many other options that will please you all life and be passed on from generation to generation. And the process of creating your own photobook is an exciting creativity, even more interesting than the process of photographing. Create whole photo histories and product series with the help of the free online editor MyPhotoPages. The project team will help keep your stories in any format - they deserve to be told.

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