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The organizers of one of the world's largest photo awards 35AWARDS and the "Day of the Photographer", the creators of the @ARTEX *global art platform and Coinference the global blockchain conference, announce the launch of the first international photo competition on the topic of Blockchain** - Art of Blockchain. To participate are invited all the photographers, inspired by the technology of blockchain*, it can be a photo of any genre, without any restrictions on the plot and technique.

Ten of the best works of the contest will be the first photos in history to be recorded in the blockchain of the etherium, from which a new era of art photography will begin. Photographs will be printed in one of the accredited photo labs of the service, presented at the exhibition "Art of Blockchain." The works will be auctioned and their authors will receive a monetary reward, minus the commission of the organizers. In addition, every subsequent deal with the photo will bring the winner of the contest Author's compensation in automatic mode.

  • Photo - no less than 1000 pixels on the larger side
  • The genre of the photo - any photo, as you see the blockchain (people, chains, abstractions, etc.)
  • Without copyright marks (copyright), inscriptions, frames, etc.
  • Participation - free of charge

Information about the author, the work itself, the characteristics of its physical copy (provenance *) will be included in the blockade using the ARTEX project. Thus, the photo will receive a mechanism for protection from replication and the status of a unique work of art.

August 30, 2017 in Moscow, an auction was held, where the artist sold the first picture on the block for $ 2500.

* ARTEX - the first global art platform, a new service based on blockchain technology, representing a general decentralized system for storing information about the history of transactions in the art market, allowing to record works in the blockchain registry and to verify the authenticity of works of art in digital format.

** Blockchain - a structured database with specified rules for building information chains and accessing information, which also excludes the possibility of hidden data rewriting. The main principle of the functioning of this technology is the transparency of the transactions.


Vladimir Povshenko

Lev Leiman

Anatoly Kaplan

Vladimir Klaviho-Telepnev

Mark Kobert