35 members of the jury 2018
from 35 countries

Every year competition will attract 35 jury members from different countries. No more than one person from each. What will choose the winners of the most independent and objective.

1. Russia
Nedyalkova Irina
5. Pakistan
Ghalib Hasnain
9. Egypt
Shady Essam
13. Hungary
Icsu Renata
17. Japan
Tadashi Onishi
2. India
Sharafat Ali
6. Kazakhstan
Баурджан Бисмильдин
10. Iran
Mehdi Nazeri
14. Greece
Panos Laskarakis
18. Korea Republic
Tiger Seo
3. Belarus
Darya Stepanova
7. Israel
11. Spain
Juan Pablo De Miguel
15. Armenia
Arvin Kocharian
19. Slovakia
Lubomir Drapal
4. Indonesia
Abdul Gapur Dayak
8. Argentina
Mikeila Borgia
12. Vietnam
Dao Tan Phat
16. China
Derek Zhang
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