35AWARDS 2015

Лучшие фотографы в стране
Czech Republic

In 35AWARDS 2015 took part 36 thousand people from 110 countries. A total of 80 thousand. Photos were submitted. Rating is based on the basis of a better photo which scored the most votes.

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35AWARDS 2016!

Daniel Rericha, Czech Republic [TOP100 2015]
LENKA MARCOVÁ, Czech RepublicPT, Czech RepublicЕлена Никитенко, Czech RepublicMary Yamysheva , Czech RepublicVladislav Labkov, Czech RepublicRoman Rogner, Czech RepublicДина, Czech RepublicFrancescaprague, Czech RepublicGolovko Valera, Czech RepublicIrina Kole, Czech RepublicNastassja Shubina, Czech RepublicKateryna, Czech RepublicEkaterina Merkulova, Czech RepublicDmitrij Semenchenko, Czech RepublicVáclav Macůrek, Czech Republic

35AWARDS 2016!

Лучший видеограф

Загрузите видео продолжительностью 60 секунд в любую из 15 номинаций и станьте лучшим видеографом года и амбассадором Olympus.
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