35AWARDS 2015

Лучшие фотографы в стране

In 35AWARDS 2015 took part 36 thousand people from 110 countries. A total of 80 thousand. Photos were submitted. Rating is based on the basis of a better photo which scored the most votes.

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35AWARDS 2016!

Cristina Venedict, Romania [TOP100 2015]
Catalin Eremia, Romania [TOP100 2015]
Olari Ionut, RomaniaAdam Freundlich, RomaniaNicolae Fanurie Chirobocea, RomaniaCalin Curticapian, RomaniaMonica Lazăr, RomaniaAlexandra Fira, RomaniaRaluca Buzoianu, RomaniaAndrei Alexa, RomaniaAndrada Nistor, Romaniazoltans, RomaniaMarius Turc, RomaniaVarga Mark, RomaniaVictor Popescu, RomaniaStefan Muji, RomaniaCatalin Gagiu, RomaniaIulia Șanta, Romaniaachluofobia, RomaniaAdrian Nicolae Per, RomaniaArdelean Ovidiu, RomaniaM. J. Tibor, RomaniaJoita Gigi, RomaniaAlexandru Irimiea, RomaniaDoina Domenica Cojocaru, Romaniadragos tudor, Romania

35AWARDS 2016!

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