Photographing the Crimea

The jury and the audience voted, in the near future the results will be published.
04.05.19 - 05.07.19
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Alexey Suloev
Russian Federation, Москва
Vladimir Kushnarev
Russian Federation, Москва
Usmanov Rashid
Russian Federation, Челябинск
Nesterchuk Sergey
Ukraine, Бердичев
Mayorov Sergey
Russian Federation, Самара
Agapov Sergey
Russian Federation, Москва
Teodor Radu Pantea
Romania, Самара


Crimea is a special place. Here at all times attracted people extraordinary and gifted. And no wonder: this land gives inexhaustible inspiration and creative energy for each photographer. The beauty of the Crimean nature is breathtaking, no less striking and a variety of landscapes. Crimea is very different. With this competition we would like to show and open to all new interesting places in the Crimea, which can be photographed at any time of the year.


Increasing the download limit for the main photo award 35AWARDS 2019. Extensive coverage of the work of the winner, as well as the best 35 photos of the competition. According to the results of the competition, the organizers plan to release the book Photoguide for the Crimea “Photographing the Crimea”. The winners of the competition and the best photos of beautiful places in Crimea will be included in the future collection with a description of photographic points, places and times of shooting for photographing with the obligatory indication of the authorship of the photos.


The best photos, based on the results of the audience vote, will be considered by the jury, among which the winners will be selected. The jury consists of the best photographers 35AWARDS, based on their professional level and competence in this topic. Voices of spectators are accepted during the reception of works and 10 days after completion. The jury can view the work during the public vote and 5 days after it.


  • photo - 1000 pixels on the longest side
  • Genre photo - Landscape
  • photo should be no copyright marks, add borders, etc.
  • entry fee - free
Not accepted:
  • Similar images (similar combination of objects, crop, different angle of shooting or change of tone of a photo) **
* A photo that has won in other 35AWARDS contests can not enter the best photos of this contest. Only one photo of the author can enter the number of the best photos of this competition.
** Images that do not match can be removed from the competition. After determining the winners and finalists of the competition, the jury, if necessary, may require the participants of the competition to provide higher-resolution photo files for use when printing large-format photos for a photo exhibition, in printed editions of the photo competition. The author must be the copyright holder of the submitted material. By submitting an application for participation in the Photo contest “PHOTOGRAPHIC CRIMEA”, the author allows the organizers to use all or part of the presented material for any purposes related to the print competition of the catalog of the winners of the photo contest, Photo Guide “Photograph Crimea”, photo contest postcards and other promotional products of the photo contest and future exhibitions .
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