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22.11.17 - 22.12.17
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From 1st to 5th place:

Personal interview with publication in “Russian Photo” magazine. A yearly membership in “Russian Photo” club

From 6th to 10th place

A yearly membership in “Russian Photo” club

From 11th to 15th place

A six-month membership in “Russian Photo” club

About the “Russian photo” club

Russian photo” club’s goals are to provide its members with an informational, marketing and legal support, as well as with discounts and privileges. The club also helps its members in organization of personal exhibitions and events.


Following the outcome of the vote, photos of 50 finalists will be transferred to a professional jury committee, that will decide which pictures deserve to be prize-winners.


  • Photos genre: travel/report
  • Photos resolution: at least 1000 pixels along the longest side
  • No signs of copyright/frames/signatures
  • Participation is free
  • How does the “Russian photo” club help travelers?

    Reduced-fare entry tickets on exhibitions worldwide, free accreditation for the most exciting events, special offers from hotels and organizers of photo-tours, - all those things make travelling way more comfortable and affordable. More
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