NewBorn photography

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06.04.17 - 20.04.17
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1 place

Photobook with classic binding made of Italian artificial leather, format 280x280 mm

Palette for the cover of pastel colors. A distinctive feature of this series - A round window and a thematic blinth (colorless) embossing on the cover.


2 place

A set of 12 photo cards in a gift box, format 300х210 mm.

Solid photographs have a thickness of 1.3 mm. For printing to choose from 5 types of professional photo papers Felix Schöeller. Rigid gift wrapping in the set - 16 colors from the palette. 2 stand for photo cards as a gift.


3 place

Canvas 500x700 mm

Professional interior printing provides deep color reproduction on canvas with high resolution. Wooden subframe will provide the necessary tension of the canvas and safety. A complete set with a photographic cover includes a mounting kit.



The project MyPhotoPages and 35AWARDS invites you to participate in the competition on the topic "NewBorn photo". Photography of newborns is a special genre, which is very popular now. What can be more charming than sleeping crumbs, when they are asleep in cribs, baskets, socks, dishes. All that will prompt your imagination. Always welcome a fresh and unusual look. Good luck and inspiration!


35 best photos on the results of the audience vote will be considered by the organizers, among which the best 3 will be chosen. Voices of spectators are accepted during the reception of works and 10 days after completion ...


  • Photo - no less than 1000 pixels on the larger side
  • Genre pictures - NewBorn photo
  • Without copyright marks (copyright), inscriptions, frames, etc.
  • Participation - free of charge

  • * You need to create the prize yourself in the MyPhotoPages project within 2 weeks after the announcement of the winners. Help when creating - Delivery of the prize in Moscow is free of charge, to other cities at the expense of the winner of the contest.

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