35AWARDS - photo contest
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35AWARDS 2019

Calculation of results ...

Black and white landscape

Calculation of results ...

Portrait with natural light

Voting ...

Wild animals with offspring

Voting ...

Art wedding photography

4 days
4 days left
2856 participants

Night city

9 days left
2622 participants

Conceptual minimalism

14 days left
1351 participants


19 days left
539 participants

Photographing the Crimea

19 days left
676 participants

Still lifes with animals

24 days left
1194 participants

Street musicians and actors

29 days left
268 participants

Aerial photograph of the city

34 days left
1751 participants

Brothers and sisters

39 days left
1998 participants

Good photo on the phone

44 days left
436 participants

Girl and the sea (18+)

50 days left
598 participants

Fashion in the street

55 days left
1706 participants

Sunrises and sunsets

60 days left
131 participants

Predators on the hunt

65 days left
12 participants

Shipwreck Diving

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