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Without resting on our laurels, we would like to offer you another service the arrangement photo tours in Russia and around the world with the most experienced English-speaking photo guides 35PHOTO. Take a small survey, please. In case the survey shows that we are on the right way, as a friendly thank you for participating in this survey you will receive 5% discount on first participation in any of our photo tours.

Below you will see a list of the 10 most popular routes. 5 of them are held in Russia and 5 in other countries. On the opposite side of each route is the season of its holding, the number of groups, the duration of the route and 3 cost options, which depend on the itinerary and the number of places that we visit. We ask you to mark tours that could be of interest to you, as photographers, and indicate what cost, in your opinion, you would consider appropriate to your expectation. Once you've marked the directions and prices you're interested in, click the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the list. Thank you for participating in our survey.

Reindeer Herders. Yamal, Russia
7 days, group up to 9 pax.
Lake Baikal, Russia
7 days, group up to 9 pax.
Kamchatka, Russia
14 days, group up to 14 pax
The Mountain Altay, Russia
14 days, group up to 14 pax
Teriberka. Russian North
7 days, group up to 9 pax
Disco Bay. Greenland
boat trip, group up to 9 pax
Patagonia. Chilie&Argentina
group up to 14 pax
11 days, group up to 14 pax
13 days, group up to 14 pax
boat trip, group up to 9 pax.
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  • - 2000$
  • - 3000$
  • - 4000$
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